Things you Need to Know Before a Home Inspection

You Are Responsible For the Inspection

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As a first time home buyer, you may carry the idea that home inspections come together with the purchase package which is not the case. A buyer hires the inspector independently, sets the inspection timeline, and caters for the costs. Since home inspections can be overwhelming, it is advisable to plan early.

Understand What Comprises the Inspection

Your home inspector should check the structural components of the building. All inspections are different depending on the size, location, specifications, and design of the property. Some of the areas your inspector should cover include:

• Interior plumbing lines.
• Heating ventilation, and cooling systems.
• The condition of windows, doors, and vents.
• The state of structural elements including floors, walls, ceilings, etc.
• The basement and the foundation.
• Insulation features.

Although you may expect your home inspector to give you a detailed coverage, they may not access areas such as the roof, septic tanks, and detached buildings. For a satisfactory report, you can discuss with your realtor about checking such spaces individually.

You Should Be Present During the Inspection

Attending home inspections not only provides you with firsthand experience in specific properties but also allows you to ask questions on site. In most cases, your home inspector can guide you through the process and advice on maintenance tips for particular features.

As the buyer, you ought to allow enough time for the inspection and raise concerns after the entire process. Understand that any repairs can be discussed later with your realtor. Most importantly, understand that the inspector is not responsible for any defects or repairs of the property.

Ask For the Inspection Report

An inspection report acts as a point of reference when you have to point out issues with the property. Also, it serves as a draft showing the condition of the house before purchase. Your real estate agent should provide you a copy of the report. Keep a copy with your other property documents. In addition, go through the document before deciding to buy the house. If you fail to understand some parts of the report, do not hesitate to ask questions.

These are essential things you need to know before a home inspection. With plenty of factors to consider, lots of paperwork to complete, and sound decisions to make, the task can be challenging. But, with adequate knowledge, you can hack the process in a short time and make a prompt decision.

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