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Many homeowners upon listing a home for sale and, home buyers who are unfamiliar with the process often wonder what a home inspection is and why it is usually a requirement before the transaction can be completed. The fact is a home inspection is simply the professional opinion of an expert in the actual condition of the home at the time it was seen.

For the homeowner who wants to sell, a home inspection will give them the chance to find out if anything is wrong with their home prior to listing. They can then fix any issues that are needed to make sure their home is in the best condition possible before it is placed on the market.

The homebuyer will also want to do a home inspection before purchasing a property. This will ensure that there are no surprises after the purchase. After all, the last thing a homebuyer wants is to spend money on unexpected repairs. The home inspection can prevent this from happening and most buyers will not purchase a home without having one done.

It is also important that both the homeowner and the homebuyer understand that a home inspection is not a guarantee or a warranty on the property. The home inspection is simply a non-invasive way of identifying problems that cannot be detected easily. For example, you may be able to see that the shingles need to be replaced on the roof, but unless you have an inspection done, you may not notice that the eaves are rotted and need to be replaced.

A home inspection will cover many of the components of the home, including the condition of the roof, the heating and cooling system, plumbing, and the electrical system. They will also inspect the exterior of the home, looking for signs of pest problems and rot. The home inspector will also look at the condition of the interior of the home, as well as the insulation and ventilation.

You will also find that the home inspection will not include any specialty systems, which would include cable, security systems, or lawn sprinklers. Outbuildings and pools or spas are also not included in the inspection.

When the home inspection is complete, the person who ordered the inspection will receive a detailed report on all of the components checked. The report will provide their opinion on the condition and, if anything is found to be inadequate, provide information as what exactly needs to be repaired or replaced.

To summarize, to answer the question of what is a home inspection, one simply needs to consider all of the components of a home. The home inspection will include a detailed rundown of the condition of each component at the time of the inspection. While many homeowners and homebuyers are not keen on spending additional money, the actual home inspection could save them a lot of money and ensure a smooth transaction.

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