Eleventh Month Home Inspection

At Denton County Home Inspection, we offer a long list of home inspection service options to meet the many needs of our clients. One option that many home owners are unaware of is an eleventh month home inspection. When a new home is purchased, a warranty of one year can be placed on the home. Our Eleventh month home inspection in Denton service will see your home inspected for any defects or issues with major components or areas of the home. If problems are found, the warranty can cover the issues before the time frame of the warranty is up.

Why an Eleventh Month Home Inspection is So Important?

The eleventh month home inspection in Denton service we provide is important for a number of reasons. We have found that many home owners are unaware of how systems of the home or areas of the home such as exterior or interior components can be in disrepair. At Denton County Home Inspection, we have the inspection experience to ensure any problems, however minor, will be located. You may not even be aware of a problem that could have a significant cost over time. Every home owner with a warranty on their home can benefit from the eleventh month home inspection services we provide.

Get the Most Out of Your Warranty

When we provide you with an eleventh month home inspection in Denton, we are inspecting every area of your home. The interior and exterior components such as electrical, HVAC and plumbing are reviewed. You could easily have a plumbing or electrical problem in your home and be completely unaware. When the twelve month time frame of your warranty is up, you will not be covered for any needed repairs. With our eleventh month home inspection, we can ensure that your home will be inspected and any problems found will be listed in a comprehensive report.

As we review your home, our inspectors look at every aspect and take notes. Photos are taken to document any problems and information provided on what exactly is wrong and what needs to take place. The information listed by our inspectors can then be provided to your warranty company to have the repairs taken care of for you.

Just imagine that an electrical problem exists, but you are completely unaware. The twelve month time frame of your warranty runs out and the problem is found during a routine inspection or major event such as a power outage. You can end up paying several thousands of dollars to repair the electricity that would have been covered under your warranty. Our quality inspection services ensure that you find out about any repairs so you do not lose thousands in repair costs later on in the future.

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