Tree Health Home Inspection

When searching for a new home, the landscaping must be beautiful and inviting. Many potential home buyers want to see luscious greenery including tall trees and shrubbery in homes they consider purchasing. What many fail to realize is that just because trees and flowers look nice, doesn’t mean that they are healthy. At Denton County Home Inspection, we provide tree health home inspections to ensure your new property will be healthy for years to come. Damaged trees in the home can result in pricey tree removal or additional problems that you could have avoided. Take advantage of our tree health home inspection in Denton service option to ensure you do not purchase a property with damaged trees.

Understanding Tree Health

Trees are a lot like humans as they require care to stay healthy. Trees need to be trimmed and inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are free from disease. A professional arborist is the ideal individual to inspect trees as they have the knowledge to assess the tree’s true condition. A routine tree health inspection is vital to being able to manage disease as well as insects.

Tree health home inspection in Denton is not required but does provide you with peace of mind. You may find a property you are interested in that is filled with trees that look beautiful and healthy. However, an underlying inspect problem could lead to dead trees and an ugly landscape appearance overtime. By having the trees of a potential property inspected, you can avoid any issues in the future.

Professional Tree Inspection

An arborist will provide such tree health home inspection in Denton services for you with each tree on the property reviewed. Trees will be evaluated, with the arborist searching for any signs of health decline or stress. If problems have been identified, the arborist will then suggest a plan to preserve the tree. You can learn more about tree health and understand the signs that indicate there is an issue.

Depending on where you live, trees can suffer from various issues. Regional pests and disease are the most common issue with tree health along with the local weather and the overall condition of your landscaping.

One common issue is mites. These tiny pests can be very destructive with the trees, leaving behind spotting on leaves, small webs in twigs or leaves turning yellow or bronze in color. These signs can indicate a problem with mites. The insect will infect trees as well as shrubbery, causing your landscape to die. Locating such issues lets you know what steps need to be taken to ensure no further issue with plants or trees in a potential home purchase.

This service is ideal if you are planning on purchasing a property with a number of trees onsite. Ensure that your new property is healthy, free from tree insects or disease by having us conduct our tree health home inspection in Denton service. We are here to serve you and provide a top quality report for your tree health needs.