Section 8 Home Inspection

In the United States, the federal as well as state governments offer a program known as Section 8. This program provides housing subsidies for individuals who meet low income requirements to have a home in which to live at a lower monthly rate. Real estate investors can own homes that are used as Section 8 properties but these dwellings must be inspected and improved before being qualified for the program. The government must see that the home is ‘fit for habitation’. This is done with Section 8 inspections. At Denton County Home Inspection, we provide such services. Our section 8 home inspection in Denton options will see your property inspected and ensure the dwelling is fit for the program.

Meeting Certain Standards

The home in which you wish to use for Section 8 housing must meet certain standards. The home has to be in compliance with HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. Our inspectors have the knowledge and experience associated with the Section 8 program to ensure your home is up to code. If not, we can make recommendations on what changes need to be made so the home is approved. An official inspection guidebook was created by HUD so that homes can easily qualify for the Section 8 program. Our inspectors will evaluate your home and see that all the criteria is covered from the windows and doors to the ceilings and walls.

Common Areas that Fail Inspection

With our section 8 home inspection in Denton services, we often find the same common areas in which repairs or changes need to be made before a home is approved for Section 8 housing. In regards to the windows and doors of the home, there cannot be any damaging or missing glass with locks in place for security measures. Any windows that are missing glass will have to be repaired as well as locks added to doors including deadbolts, when missing.

In regards to the flooring, walls and ceilings, there must be no cracks, sagging or bulging in these areas. Major damage must be nonexistent. The ceiling and roof must be free of leaks and walls must be painted well with no chips or paint that is peeling.

As far as plumbing systems are concerned, the property must have a shower and bath tub, a toilet that flushes and a fixed water basin. Water must not be leaking within any of the plumbing system and hot and cold water must be present in the bathrooms and kitchen. The bathroom space has to have a window or exhaust fan in place.

Electrical and lighting must include a light in each room with electrical outlets in place with cover plates secured. A working heating system must be provided on site. Smoke detectors need to be located in the home for fire safety concerns. Outdoor areas such as porches, walkways and common areas need to be cleaned and safe to avoid any injury of the tenant.

Our section 8 home inspection in Denton service options will ensure you home is up to code and your property is ready for renting. Contact our office today to learn more about our inspection options or to schedule an appointment for section 8 inspections.

Contact our office today to learn more about our inspection options or to schedule an appointment for Section 8 inspections