Pool and Spa Home Inspection

Many potential home buyers love to look for homes that have a pool or spa area. Providing a relaxing element to a new home, a pool or spa are the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. However, while a listed home may have a beautiful spa or pool, how do you know the feature is working properly? That is where the experts at Denton County Home Inspection come in to play. While an inspection of these features are not required, it is best to have each inspected thoroughly. It can be quite expensive to have to make repairs or even add in replacement parts. With our pool and spa home inspection in Denton services, you can rest easy knowing exactly how these components are working to ensure you are making a wise investment.

Benefits of an Inspection

The main benefit of a pool or spa home inspection is knowing that each component is working correctly. Even the smallest of problems can have a major cost that you do not want to incur after purchasing a new home. With our pool and spa home inspection in Denton service, you will be made aware of each aspect of the unit. The pool will be carefully reviewed as well as a spa, if existing, to ensure all components are working as they should be. This helps you to save money once you have purchased the home. Any repair needs found could be negotiated within the purchase price based on inspection findings.

Process of Inspection

At Denton County Home Inspection, our expert inspectors have the knowledge and experience to inspect such home water features as pools and spas. The inspection process is simple without experts remaining thorough throughout to ensure every area is inspected.

During the inspection, a visual examination of the pool and spa is conducted. This includes the components, conditions and safety features. Placement and protection is considered including fencing or gates around the area, safety barriers as well as electrical outlet location and clearance of electrical wiring.

The surface and surrounding deck of the pool and spa are inspected, checking for discoloration, cracking or pitting. Equipment is reviewed for damage including pool lights, junction box, pumps, any visible piping, skimmers, times, electrical bonding and GFCI. The pump is checked for quality operation along with any signs of leakage. Skimming and filtration should be working properly along with the filter pressure and the spa blower.

Overall, each component as well as the safety features of the area are considered. Once the report is complete, you will know everything you need to about the pool or spa area. This will help you to make the decision to purchase the property or ask for concessions during the final contract.

If you are considering purchasing a home that has a pool or spa, contact our office to schedule such home inspection services. We will provide you with a comprehensive report with all the information needed about this portion of the home.

We will provide you with a complete report with all the information needed about this portion of the home