Four Point Home Inspection

Four Point Inspection

At Denton County Home Inspection, we have vast experience in the building industry in regards to inspection processes. We offer a long list of inspection services including a Four Point Inspection. It is sometimes required by an insurance company to have a Four point inspection before insurance will be provided, this includes the roof of the home, the HVAC, electrical systems and plumbing systems.

Four point inspection in Denton services are our specialty and we are happy to provide our expert inspection knowledge at work for you. When you are in need of a Four Point Inspection, never hesitate to contact our office. These four areas of interest are the most important when it comes to the value as well as condition of your home.

Roofing System

Every home needs to have a proper roofing system in place. With a four point inspection in Denton, we provide an overall evaluation of your roofing system. We check for imperfections, gaps, holes or other damage that may cause a leak in your home due to weather. The roof needs to be installed correctly and we note age and condition for insurance purposes. This evaluation can be helpful to see if you have existing damage or to note that your roof is in perfect condition for future reference.

HVAC Systems

The heating and cooling system of the home needs to be in proper working order. Insurance companies want to ensure that your systems are installed correctly without issue. Our expert home inspectors will review your HVAC systems, ensuring all components including electrical and fuels are in proper working order. This system must be operating effectively for comfort but also safety for those inside the home.

Electrical Systems

You rely on the electrical systems of your home for a number of reasons, light to see by, power for your appliances and more. The electrical components of your home must be in proper working order to ensure the home is safe from harm. With our four point inspection in Denton services, we cover your electrical systems thoroughly. We inspect the fuse boxes or circuit breakers, outlets and switches, to ensure the wiring in your home is operating effectively as well as in a safe manner.

Plumbing Systems Home Inspection

The plumbing is another major area of the home that must be in proper working order. Plumbing systems provide water to sinks, dishwashers and showers, just to name a few areas of the home that are used each and every day. Plumbing systems need to be installed correctly and be in proper working order to ensure no water damage in the home. At Denton County Home Inspections, we take great pride in evaluating your plumbing systems and alerting you of any issues therein.

With our four point inspection in Denton services, we can help you provide your insurance company with the information needed to be given quality coverage.