Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Home Inspection

The heating ventilation and air conditioning system of the home, HVAC, is essential to the overall comfort in the home. From central units to furnace and wall units, such systems need to be evaluated to ensure the unit is ready to function properly during the extreme seasons, summer and winter. Heating and cooling units will be evaluated during a home inspection to ensure that the unit is in quality operating condition as well as safe and secure. At Denton County Home Inspection, we offer HVAC home inspection services to ensure that a system in a potential home is going to serve you well in the future. Let our HVAC home inspection in Denton service option help you choose the right new home purchase.

What the HVAC Inspection Entails

An HVAC home inspection in Denton will see our home inspectors reviewing the heating and cooling system of the home. Depending on the age and type of home you are considering purchasing, this unit type can very. Older homes may use a furnace system plus a central unit for heating and cooling while newer homes may use a ductless mini-split system for quality comfort. Our home inspectors have experience with all unit types, able to evaluate the unit and determine if an upgrade is needed or any repairs.

The heating and cooling unit type is evaluated as well as energy source. Some HVAC units run on natural gas or oil while others are electric. It is important for the inspector to note the unit type as well as age. HVAC systems usually have a life span of 10 to 20 years depending on the unit type. You want to be sure the system that is included in your potential home is not too old to function properly or in need of replacement as this can be a major expense.

Typical HVAC Inspection Process

For the typical HVAC home inspection in Denton, our inspectors will conduct a visual observation of the HVAC system including operations. Readily accessible components will be viewed with any defects noted during the inspection. The key components will be described in the final report to assist you with finding any defects within the unit. This could be a repair, maintenance need or an improvement. You want to learn as much as you can about any issues that may exist to be able to make the best decision for your new home purchase.

Once our inspection is completed, the final report will be presented to you. Read it over and let us help you understand any of the more complicated points. This report will help you choose to purchase the home or ask for repairs that may be needed. Knowing the integrity of the HVAC system is essential to not owing thousands of dollars down the road once the unit decides to stop working.

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