Preparing for a Home Inspection

When selling your home, chances are the buyer’s will be requesting an inspection. A little preparation will make this process easier. This checklist gives you an idea of how to prepare for home inspection and what an inspector will be looking for. Some relatively easy items you can do to ensure your inspection goes smoothly.

How to prepare for Home Inspection



  • Lighting – make sure all outside lights are working and the bulbs are not burned out
  • Soil should be graded away from the foundation for proper run-off
  • Patch any cracks in the foundation
  • If you have a fireplace, be sure the damper is working properly. Have the chimney cleaned also
  • Calk around windows and doors that show any separation from the house
  • Make sure all windows open and shut easily
  • Replace all damaged window screens and make sure those windows that require screens have them


  • Inspect all stains on the ceiling. Check for and repair any leaks in the roof or upper level of the house. Paint the stained area
  • Have the correct number of smoke alarms with new batteries on each level of the house
  • Be sure the inspector can get to an attic easily. If a pulldown is located in a closet, remove anything blocking his access
  • Make sure all vents are vented to the outside, not into the attic


  • Replace any broken light switch / socket covers
  • Be sure GFI receptacles are in place where needed
  • Make sure the breaker panel box is large enough to handle the electrical needs of the house and the breakers are not overloaded
  • Look for non-grounded outlets
  • Label the fuse box


  • Make sure there are no leaking or dripping faucets
  • Fix all clogged or slow drains
  • Check the toilet for leaks around the base or for a toilet that does not shut off
  • Make sure all exhaust fans are working and are properly vented

Heating / Air conditioning

  • If possible, have the HVAC system professionally cleaned / serviced Provide a receipt for the work
  • Move items away from the Heater vent pipe to eliminate potential fire hazard
  • Install a new furnace filter
  • Clean any dirty air vents


  • All burners on the stove should be in working order
  • The oven should work
  • Is the range hood operating?
  • Make sure the dryer exhaust ends outside of the house
  • Do all water shut-off valves work?


Wrap up / seller’s inspection

Hopefully, this checklist has given you some ideas on how to prepare for home inspection. It may feel daunting to remember all the items. If you are selling your house it would be wise to hire an inspector to do a seller’s inspection. This way you have advance notice of things that require fixing. There are no surprises when a Buyer’s inspection comes along.

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