What You Need to Know About Home Inspectors in Denton, TX

Home Inspectors in Denton,, TXA home inspection is an evaluation of a home to establish its current condition. It is often ordered by the buyer who seeks to know if they are getting value for money. A seller may also require the services of home inspectors in Denton, TX to ensure that repairs are done on time before the sale of the house.

A home inspection should not be confused with a home appraisal. An appraisal seeks to provide an unbiased estimate of the true market value of the home. Inspections are only meant to find if there are any structural faults or toxic contaminants that can ruin the home, amongst other things.

Finding a Qualified Professional

Inspecting homes for structural faults or toxic contamination requires training and technical knowledge. To find the home inspectors in Denton, TX who can do the job effectively and on time, you need to examine your inspector’s credentials.

A home inspector is required to have and carry a license in Texas. But a license is not the only thing you should look for. Some of those who have a license may not have the knowledge and expertise that a true professional is required to have.

The state of Texas requires inspectors to carry professional liability insurance. They are not required to carry general liability insurance. Without the general liability insurance, the inspector may turn to you for any damages incurred due to his carelessness and unprofessionalism on the property.

Getting the Service

You need to be aware of any conflict of interest that may exist between the real estate agent and the inspector that he recommends. Some inspectors who are struggling to find jobs turn to agents for referrals. The inspectors are likely to bend to the agent’s interests.

It is also important to understand that there may be situations that may call for specialists. There are evaluations that cannot be done by your regular inspector. As a buyer, you are not obliged to accept the recommendation. However, it is wise to consider the services of a specialist. Certain natural disasters may have caused considerable damage to the property and it is wise to know and understand the extent of the damage.

Professional Associations

In order for home inspectors in Denton, TX to be members of local associations they are required to have certain credentials for them to be referred to as ‘certified’. It is advisable for buyers to pick inspectors who are members of these associations since they are monitored and have more experience and expertise.

Different associations have varying requirements for their inspectors. TPREIA (Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association) requires their inspectors to have done 1000 home inspections before they can be certified. The American Association of Home Inspectors requires 250 completed inspections, while veteran home inspectors require their members to have at least 1500 completed inspections.

A home inspection is an investment that keeps you from getting into risky real estate ventures. It is critical that you find the most qualified and competent inspectors before buying a home.

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